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The professional leadership reflection and development action plan provides an opportunity to analyse the various self-assessment activities you completed in class and to identify your managerial leadership strengths and areas for improvement. Following on from this you will then write a development action plan that will outline how you intend to further develop your managerial leadership capabilities for the future in light of your self-assessment.
There are six questions that you are required to answer, in written form, as preparation for an upcoming job or promotion interview. In other words, do not write your answers as if you are sitting in front of a selection panel and talking. Write your answers as if you are preparing ahead of time for an interview and want to increase your chances of knowing what to say by spending time sorting out what you know and putting that knowledge into writing. Your writing will therefore be as formal as it was for the first assignment.
Questions and Scenario –
These are the questions that you are required to answer, in written form, as preparation for an upcoming job or promotion interview:
Our CEO often says that he believes personality is something we are born with and cannot be changed. Nevertheless, what do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of your personality type in relation to effectively leading and managing – and what are you doing to overcome the potential disadvantages?
This is a high-intensity organisation and the members of our executive team all take a direct and sometimes confrontational approach. Could you explain how you would manage not to be unduly offended by others, not to be weighed down by stress, and to remain resilient in the face of obstacles and setbacks?
Last year, we expanded our multinational enterprise by opening operations in India and Thailand. Unfortunately, we have been experiencing cross-cultural communication breakdowns. What could explain the situation and what would you do to improve communication between team members operating in different countries across multiple cultures?
We recently gave the employees in our Research and Innovation Unit a 12% salary increase. Nevertheless, we have been struggling to motivate this group of employees. How would you improve their motivation, and why would you take that approach?
We expect that you will be able to influence others in a positive way through effective communication. Could you describe how you would influence someone in a more senior role that your ideas are highly valuable to the organisation and explain your reasons for taking that approach?
In June 2017, the Board decided that revenue growth and market share depends more than ever on the ability to innovate. Our lack of innovation suggests that some obstacle or obstacles must be holding us back. What would you do to identify and overcome those obstacles to make us a more innovative organisation?
This assignment requires use of the Harvard Referencing System. Please consult the Guidelines for Referencing and Presentation in Written Reports and Essays.
Please answer each question, one at a time. You can write in both first person and third person.
You should also attach a ONE Page CV of yourself as well, updated to reflect some of the considerations above.
Assignment Criteria:
Insightful use of the literature covered in Leadership and Management
Responses which are comprehensive yet concise, coherent and convincing
Use of examples from workplace and business cases studied in this course, to support arguments
Explaining not only what you would do but also the evidential and theoretical grounds that add to your credibility by making clear why you would do those things


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