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Narrative speech outline:
-Daily rituals- I. How my daily rituals affect my life, and why I need them
A. What happens if I don’t do these things?
1. Make points on feeling of incompleteness, and other
feelings that can accompany not doing daily tasks (Subjective)
2. Other points on how this daily rituals can help me throughout
day, such as every morning drinking a full bottle of water. (Subjective)
B. Do other people have to do these things?
1. “Yes and no, many people have tasks that they regularly complete, but
some don’t. For instance, someone can wake up in the morning and the one thing on their mind is to get up and stretch, every morning.” (Objective)
2. “Some people don’t have a task or hurdle they need to complete before
they continue on with their day, everyone has different routines.” (objective)
II. It is necessary to be prepared for many things, physically
and mentally.
A. What could happen if you don’t prepare at all for anything?
1. “A feeling of incompleteness or unpreparedness can occur with some some people.” (objective)
2. Mention how important it is to feeling prepared for your day, how that can
help some people move on through their days. (objective)
B. Why it’s important, and some examples on how it is crucial.
1. “For example, when I go through my day knowing that I mentally and physically
prepared myself through my daily routines, I feel more confident in my actions and decisions.” (subjective)
2. Give a few examples of daily routines that can aid someone in feeling that same
way after completing them, for instance; “Doing daily exercises can help your
body feel physically ready to take on the day.” (Subjective/Objective)
Please stick to this outline if possible
Here is the rubric: Essay Rubric ENC 1101/1102 (1)
THESIS: Includes an obvious, clear, controlled thesis statement that includes an opinion firmly focused on one side or area of argument and/or persuasion
5 pts
ORGANIZATION: Written clearly and logically based on thesis; includes strong transitions; has clearly defined and focused paragraphs
5 pts
ASSIGNMENT: Clearly meets assignment requirements, rules, and guidelines according to assignment directions
5 pts
SUPPORT: Chooses appropriate evidence; uses effective, explicit, and sufficient detail and examples to support thesis
5 pts
LANGUAGE: Uses precise, purposeful, and professional language for clarity of argument and support of thesis
5 pts
CRITICAL THINKING/RESPONSE: Shows depth of thought, effort, originality and creativity in response to support thesis
5 pts
FORMAT: Follows professional, standard MLA 8 and other formatting as instructed in syllabus
5 pts
GRAMMAR: Written with a minimum of grammatical error and correct sentence structure and clarity
5 pts
Engaging, relevant and meaningful introduction that clearly relates to the thesis while preparing and intriguing the reader.
5 pts
Thoughtful conclusion that reaffirms the thesis without futile and exclusive summary and repetition.
5 pts
Total Points: 50


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