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In Part 2 of this assignment you will write a paper that explains the data from Part 1 of this assignment (includes your own data and the collective class data) Format: Four to seven pages, 1 ½ space, 1 inch margins. (Page count does NOT include title page, figures, tables or reference list). Reference citations should be done consistently. References: use one consistent style throughout your paper. Personally, I like the Harvard style of referencing – which you can google. Due: Sunday, end of Week 12. Context Some people claim that we are living at the End of Geography. Time and space are being ‘compressed’ by technology – where it used to take weeks or even a month or more for a letter to go from BC to England in 1900, email now makes communications instantaneous. Products are shipped in a day instead of months. Globalization is homogenizing cultures across the world – we can now eat Chinese or Italian food in any large city and listen to hip hop music in Vietnam. Some observers suggest that national boundaries are increasingly meaningless as finance, goods, information and even people move increasingly freely around the world. For information flows across the web the cost and time constraints of distance appeared to have disappeared. But is distance of so little importance? Why do so many of us cluster together? Is personal contact not significant? Alternatively put, is electronic communication dis-embedding people from their local places? This assignment addresses relationships between our potentially highly mobile electronic emails and distance. The objective of your assignment is to assess the effects of distance on electronic traffic. Your paper will: 1. Discuss an appropriate hypothesis or objective, and the scope of your approach 2. Present the Information – choose a graphic form to represent the data. Examples could include pie or bar graphs. Remember to include all of the data from all of the students in your tutorial. 3. Analyse the Data – How do you explain this data? For example, if most of the emails are local, how does this relate to the idea that distance is no longer relevant? What does the data say about relations between places, in terms of social or commercial or other kinds of interactions? What questions arise from this data? What limitations does this data have or what further research could be done? 4. You should try to cite two or three references from the academic literature, including your text, to develop and support your argument. You can google others.


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