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I’m trying to study for my Communications course and I need some help to understand this question.My topic is the environmental problem of littering plastic bags. The goal of my behavior change campaign is to educate the public on how to reduce the use of plastic bags, such as not using plastic bags when shopping in supermarkets, so as to reduce the damage to the environment by plastic bags on local streets and in the natural environment.The purpose of this paper is to link theoretical/scholarly material about behavior change and communication to a “real world” campaign. You will select a campaign of interest to you that used a media channel to reach it’s intended audience. This could include traditional news outlets, the blogosphere, various social media outlets, or some combination of these channels. You will then critique and analyze the case from the theoretical frameworks and perspectives in the scholarly literature you have chosen. Your case study should conclude with a summary of lessons learned from the case and/or any recommendations you have for how the individuals and/or organizations involved could have used behavior change theory more strategically to realize more favorable outcomes.For this paper, you should make a full-sentence outline of your paper. This will be an outline of your main ideas and main points; you are encouraged to use bullet points. Pay particularly close attention to the introduction, making sure your introduction covers the selected campaign’s (a) problem and goal (eg, the truth campaign or the “click it or ticket” campaign), (b) target audience (eg, aged 25 to 54 years across the globe), and (c) desired behavior (eg, cigarette cessation ). In addition, the introduction should also propose using one or two theories/models/concepts from the course that you will use to analyze the campaignThen you will outline some previous research (i.e. mini-literature review) – includes 5 articles that have either examined your problem or your campaign itself.Next, you will discuss how you will view the case (ie your data)- what will you look at to see if the campaign was successful in bringing about behavior change. This may include data points like, viewing the number of times it was discussed on social media using a specific hashtag, what news outlets reported on the campaign, etc.The grading rubric appears below:1. Introduction- presents campaign goal, target audience, desired behavior, and theoretical framework you will use to analyze it.2. Literature Review- 5 peer-reviewed articles discussing the campaign or the problem the campaign aimed to solve 3. Method- discussion of how and where you will find your data4. All recommendations are cited properly in APA format, with APA references. Requirements:   |   .doc file | APA | Essay | 2 pages, Double spaced


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