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I’m trying to learn for my Women’s Studies class and I’m stuck. Can you help?Part One: Identifications.undefinedFor each of the six concepts below, please provide a brief definition in your own words explaining what the concept means. undefinedFor each concept, please provide an example from our course materials that helps to illustrate what the term means/why it is significant. Readings, lectures, slides, clips/documentaries are all fair game for use as examples.undefinedundefinedNaturalistic Fallacy
Dualism/Binary Schema
undefined undefinedPart Two: Short Answer.undefinedPlease choose two (2) of the following three prompts to answer. undefinedApproximate length (can be shorter or longer, don’t worry!): 3 paragraphs for each prompt. undefinedPlease provide at least two examples to substantiate your response for each prompt.undefinedIn-text citations are not required, but are just fine to use. If citations or paraphrases are used, please include brief citation information (last name, page number). No works cited page is necessary.undefined undefinedPlease use 11 or 12pt. Times New Roman font and please 1.5 or double space paragraphs.undefinedPlease remember to insert page numbers and a header with full name as well as your section number (01, 02, 03, or 04). undefinedThank you!! Happy Writing!!undefinedPrompt #1:undefinedDuring the first few weeks of the semester, we began by discussing some of the traditional approaches to studying science and technology. Following this, we reflected on the challenges posed to these traditional studies of science by those whose approach we might usefully bring together under the umbrella term ‘social construction.’ undefinedFirst, please identify and describe the general characteristics and assumptions of traditional approaches (positivism, falsificationism, functionalism) to the study of science.undefinedThen, please identify and describe some of the critiques that subsequent social constructionists posed to traditional approaches? undefinedFinally, flip the tables once more: what are potential critiques of the social constructionist approaches to the study of science?undefined(Remember to include at least two examples when answer this prompt! Thanks!)undefinedPrompt # 2:undefinedBoth feminist equity studies and feminist analyses of the uses of language/rhetoric and imagery identify gendered disparities in science. In their own ways, both equity studies and studies of language and imagery contend that science has been and continues to be gendered.undefinedFirst, please describe the field of feminist equity studies in relation to STEM. What do equity studies, well, study? That is, what are the points of interest and objects of analysis in equity studies? What are some of the typical findings of feminist equity studies in general and with respect to STEM specifically? That is, what are some of the historical and ongoing patterns identified in feminist equity studies? What are some of the potential sources/reasons that might explain the patterns of findings in feminist equity studies in relation to STEM? What variables cause or are correlated with the disparities identified?undefinedContinued on following page…undefinedNext, please describe the role (historically and/or currently) of gendered language and imagery in relation to science, technology, and medicine. When analysts of language and imagery contend that ‘science is gendered,’ what does this mean? How is science gendered in terms of language and imagery?undefined(Remember to include at least two examples when answer this prompt! Thanks!)undefinedPrompt # 3:undefinedStandpoint theories maintain that paying explicit attention to 1.) historically and currently less powerful and privileged social experiences and perspectives (in terms of gender, race, class identities/relations etc.) as well as 2.) the roles of politics and ethics in STEM will result in the attainment of more and better knowledge, including more objective scientific, technological, and medical knowledge.undefinedFirst, please explain the logic behind feminist standpoint theories. What initial premises inform these theories, and what punchlines or conclusions do they arrive at? undefinedNext, please identify and describe some of the critiques that have been made of standpoint theories by traditional approaches? (Hint: think of objectivity)undefinedFinally, please identify and explain some of the critiques that have been made of standpoint theories by intersectional approaches? (Hint: think of essentialism)undefined(Remember to include at least two examples when answer this prompt! Thanks!)undefined Requirements: answering prompts


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