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I’m studying for my Writing class and need an explanation.Discussion 4 – Is there a God by the argument of reason, not by faith?PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION belongs technically to a branch of philosophy called METAPHYSICS (Beyond Physics/ the problem of immaterial being), often called THEODICY, a justification of the EXISTENCE OF GOD in the face of ATHEISM and the PROBLEM OF EVIL in the world. Our Study in this unit will focus only on the PROBLEM OF THE EXISTENCE OF GOD and the PROBLEM OF EVIL.Resources:Article: Is there a God? By Marilyn Adamson. (Links to an external site.)Videos:Video: The Problem of AtheismVideo: Proving God’s existenceVideo: The Problem of EvilDiscussion Question to Answer:Develop 4 paragraphs in your posts based on the guide questions below.a. In the video, Atheists Delusion, what are the central arguments of people who do not believe in the existence of God? What do you think is the best argument to use in finding God’s existence? The narrator argued on “common-sense” instead of “evidence” with regard to God’s existence. Is that a valid argument? Why? Is “evidence” impossible to prove God’s existence? (Your knowledge in epistemology about evidence can help understand this question). Explain your answers:b. In the video “Proving God’s existence” by TrueTube, explain this statement: “Personal testimony can never be reliable evidence for God’s existence”. Why? Is the testimony of religious experiences of people in the community a better argument than personal experiences as a basis for belief in God? Explain.c. Read the article by Marilyn Adamson a former atheist “Is there a God”. Enumerate and explain in a sentence or two each of the 3 possible proofs and evidence that Ms. Adamson used to argue God’s existence outside the Bible? d. In the video of The problem of evil by wireless philosophy, do you think that the evidential (obvious) aspects of the problem of evil pose the greatest challenge to belief in God’s existence? Do you agree with this view? When evil is experienced around us, does that mean there is no God as well? Argue and explain.
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