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I’m studying for my Writing class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?On Christmas Eve, 2002, fertilizer salesperson Scott Peterson reported his wife, Laci, missing from his Modesto, California, home. Laci was pregnant with their unborn son, Conner. Scott held press conferences and an area-wide search for Laci commenced. Scott initially stated that he was golfing the day Laci disappeared, but later stated he was fishing from his boat at the Berkeley Marina. Inconsistencies in Scott’s statements led police to suspect him in Laci’s disappearance. By mid-January 2003, evidence surfaced that Scott engaged in extramarital affairs, including a relationship with message therapist Amber Frey. Amber contacted the police when she learned that she was dating the husband of the missing Laci Peterson. According to Frey, Scott stated that he “lost” his wife 15 days before Laci actually disappeared. On April 14 and 15, respectively, Connor’s fetus and Laci’s torso washed ashore in San Francisco Bay, north of the Berkeley Marina where Scott reported he was fishing on the day of Laci’s disappearance. The medical examiner could not determine cause of death, but noted that Laci suffered broken ribs prior to her death.Authorities searched the Peterson home as well as Scott’s truck, boat, fertilizer warehouse, and toolbox. A single hair believed to be Laci’s was discovered in a pliers recovered from the boat. On Aprl 18, 2003, police arrested Scott in a golf course parking lot in La Jolla (San Diego), California. Scott had grown a goatee and had it and his hair dyed blond. At the time of his arrest, Scott was in possession of nearly $15,000 in cash, camping equipment, four cell phones, and credit cards belonging to his family, his brother’s driver’s license, and a map to Amber Frey’s workplace. Police considered Scott’s appearance, possessions, and proximity to Mexico as evidence. Through the various searched, the police also discovered:• A homemade cement anchor in Peterson’ recently purchased boat that was located in his fertilized warehouse; prosecutors hinted that Scott constructed a similar anchor to dispose of Laci’s body;• Freshly dried cement near the Peterson home driveway;• A tan tarp that had been drenched in gasoline in Peterson’s backyard shed. The prosecutor has noted that gasoline can destroy biological material such as blood and DNA. Scott Peterson’s trial began in June 2004. The case against Scott was based on circumstantialevidence. In addition to the evidence discussed previously, evidence such as taped telephone conversations with Amber Frey and the testimony of a less than adequate defense expert led to a jury finding of guilt on November 12, 2004. Scott was convicted of first-degree murder with special circumstances for Laci’s death. He was also convicted of murder in the second degree for the death of his unborn son, Conner. The jury recommended the death penalty. Using the case study provided, evaluate and report in the form of a crime scene diagram.Assume the role of the forensic technician to diagram the parking lot.1. Create an overhead (birds-eye) view of a portion of a parking lot. Locate a parking lot in your area that meets these requirements.2. Include one complete horizontal and one complete vertical parking row. Include a maximum of 15 spaces in a row.3. Measure and sketch the length and width of one standard parking space and one handicapped space (if available).4. Measure and sketch walkways and stairs next to the parking lot. Include trees and utility poles next to the parking rows and walkways.5. Include five vehicles parked in the selected rows and measure the vehicles in place.6. Include a directional arrow and a legend in your sketch.7. Create a final diagram from the rough sketch utilizing a CAD such as Smart Draw or thru Microsoft.You may first want to identify what crime scene sketches are necessary.
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