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I’m studying and need help with a Writing question to help me learn.Paper 1Context:This semester, you are working with a social issue of your choice and compiling a series of projects. Last week, for HW #3, you chose your social issue topic. This week, you will write a proposal for the topic you chose. You will not include any research yet. Trust me–we have plenty of time over the next 7 or so weeks to compile all the research. The proposal is simply meant to get you grounded in the discussion around your topic by starting with your own personal investment, experiences, and observations.Task:A proposal is a short paper which indicates to your reader your plan for addressing your topic. For your proposal, you will address the following in a 2-4-page narrative-style proposal, meaning you will not yet conduct any research. You will respond to these questions in paragraph format (do not include the questions or bullet points and format this in MLA essay format): What is your topic and your stance (opinion) on your topic?
What is your personal and/or scholarly investment in your topic? Why is your topic important to address, given the current social and political climate?
What are 2-3 main arguments that support your stance on your topic?
What are 2-3 main arguments that counter (go against) your stance on your topic?
If your topic centers around a specific problem, what is the problem? What do you see as some viable solutions?
Criteria:Please use the following criteria as a checklist as you draft your proposal. The grading rubric aligns to these bullets here and will therefore be used to score your essay as “complete” or “incomplete.”Tone: This first project will be the least formal project that you will submit this semester. Although you can take more of an informal tone than a typical essay here, do be sure to maintain some level of formality given you are still writing in an academic setting.
Organization: You are welcome to address the questions above in any order that makes logical sense for your proposal, as long as you answer all of them.
Development: Be sure that your responses to the questions are fully developed. I really want to know specifically why you chose the topic, why you think it’s important, and what the leading arguments for and against your opinion are. Use specific examples where appropriate from your personal observations, personal experience, or current events.
Grammar: Be sure to thoroughly edit your proposal for grammar and proofreading mistakes prior to submitting your work. Although I do not grade on a point scale, global grammar mistakes that distract from being able to comprehend your essay will likely result in necessitating a revision.
MLA: Be sure to format your proposal using proper MLA guidelines. This means your paper should be in sized 12 Times New Roman font, have 1” margins all around, be double-spaced, include a title in sized 12 TNR font, have your last name and page number in the upper right-hand corner of each page (including page 1), and have a proper heading on page 1 only:Name
Due Date (21 February 2021)
Submission:Follow these steps:Click on “Submit Assignment.”Option 1:Choose “File Upload”
click “Choose File”
find your file
click “Choose”
check the box next to “I certify”
click “Submit Assignment.”
Option 2:Choose “Google Doc”
Follow steps for syncing your Google Drive to Canvas if necessary
Select your file
Check the box next to “I certify”
Click “Submit Assignment
2- Paper 2
Preliminary Scan – COVID
Learning Outcomes:Utilize the writing process, including pre-writing, writing, revision and proofreading to produce complex, high-quality work.
Evaluate the validity and soundness of arguments and the evidence within them.
Utilize critical reading strategies so as to successfully pull meaning from complex texts and texts structured in non-academic formats.
Identity Formation: students will examine their personal identities as well as those who differ from them in order to situate themselves in scholarly conversations and leverage their cultural, historical, and ancestral capital as well as lived experiences
Skills: Students will develop writing, research, synthesis, critical thinking, rhetorical analysis, technology, and presentation skills
Intellect: Students will gain new knowledge outside of the English discipline by examining the history and interdisciplinary applications of their social issues
Criticality: Students will engage in the projects this term in order to challenge systems of oppression and create social change
PART 1:Step 1: Conduct a Preliminary Scan of your Chosen IssueThis week, you are participating in a group discussion based on the topic category you chose for your projects. All of your peers on this discussion board chose the same topic category as you: anti-racism, immigration, COVID-19, healthcare, climate change, or criminal justice.First, do a preliminary environmental scan of your chosen issue. Browse:Personal contacts
Professional Conferences/meetings
Rado, television, Internet
Social Media
Professional colleagues
Presidential Databases/Websites
Statements from Candidates, Lobbyists, & Critics
Step 2: Choose 1 source from Step 1 and paste the link into your initial responsePaste in the url to your chosen source. **IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT POST ANY GRAPHIC CONTENT**Step 3: Discuss how your chosen link addresses a specific factorYour argumentative research essay will ask you to explain how your chosen issue addresses the following 6 factors:Industry/Market
For this discussion assignment, choose at least one of the 6 factors and explain how the link you found in Step 1 addresses one of those 6 factors. Address this in 1-2 paragraphs. Include the following in your paragraph(s):The main argument of your source from step 1
A specific quote/paraphrase from your chosen source with a proper MLA citation
An explanation of how that quote/paraphrase addresses your chosen factor
**NOTE: You will be able to use the paragraph from this discussion assignment in your Argumentative Research Essay!**PART 2:Now that you have posted your link and paragraph(s) from Part 1, reply to at least 2 peers and address the following prompts in your responses:Watch/read the source provided in your peers’ response.
Comment on your peers’ source and the connection your peer made to their chosen factor. Does the source align to their chosen factor?
Provide suggestions for further developing their explanation of how their quote/paraphrase addresses their chosen factor.
Provide suggestions for other sources they may want to research for their environmental scan essay.
Your responses to your peers should total at least 150 words each. To reply to a peer, click on the “Reply” link under his or her thread. Respond to two peers who have yet to receive a response by a classmate. If everyone’s response has been answered, respond to the ones with the least amount of responses. For example, if every student has at least one response, then respond to the students who only have one or two responses instead of those who have 5 or 6 already.
3- paper 3
EPA #1: Environmental Scan Portion of Argument Outline Download and fill in the outline below with the content for the Environmental Scan Portion of your argumentative essay ONLY. This is Section C on the outline. We will build the remaining components of the essay as we progress through the next several weeks. Choose either the Word Doc version or the Google Doc Version. For the Google Doc Version, click “Make a Copy. “The outline should be thorough and should include the evidence from your scan, cited in proper MLA format.
Essay Outline Word Doc
Essay Outline Google Doc
Requirements: not too short


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