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I want the definition of the following terms utilizing the latest references (2 years). Will not accept web sources. 1. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(KSA).2. Social media.3. Google Suite.4. Formal Learning.Here is an example that has been written in 3 years ago:”(is a country in Southwest Asia with a population ofapproximately 28 million people. King AbdulAziz Ibn AbdulRahman Al Saud established thecountry in 1932. The country covers about 900,000 square miles. Arabic is the official languageand Islam is the official religion (Hamdan, 2005).)”You must use APA style 7th edition format. Plus, you need to send the sources that you used, so I can easily track the pieces of information.Here are the instructions you must follow if you are ready to do this work. Please make sure you read all items and remember them when you do your work or copy them and put that next to where you are working. If these rules are not followed, our work will not be accepted. As I’m sure you know, this work must be of high quality and the very best you are able to do.All resources must be academic, reliable, and new. Sources that will be accepted are strong books, academic articles, journals.The sources used must be copied and put in a pdf document and included. The place where these resources refer to must be put in YELLOW or highlighted so I can know where to look for it. This will make it easier for me to find the location to track the information. These sources used must be included with your work.You may use direct quotations, mark them as such, and cite them. However, please do not plagiarize anything because I am using 2 types of software that can detect it immediately.Please check your work before sending it to the theme to make sure there are no grammatical or punctuation errors. Any of these errors will make the work unacceptable and will not ask for revision.All items must follow APA 7th edition format.Please use your own words.
Requirements: .doc file


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