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I don’t know how to handle this Writing question and need guidance.I’m working on a writing multi-part question and need support to help me learn. I have a attached a copy of Frankenstein for you :).Writing the PEAR Paragraph: Frankenstein, Mary Shelley (1818)Writing Task: Write two well-developed PEAR paragraphs about Frankenstein.Step 1: Chose one of the discussion questions we have considered about Frankenstein that will serve as the basis of your PEAR paragraphs (or a focused topic of your choice). Your answer to this question will eventually become the Point statements of your paragraph and the basis of your analysis.Step 2: Further explore your answers to this question, perhaps writing in free form a reflection about the question. Consider any relevant key terms. You may want to review your notes from our class discussions or further discuss the question with classmates.Step 3: Consider the details of the novel that helped you answer this question and that will provide evidence for the claims your paper will make about this literary text. For example, consider the following details as they relate to your key terms and to each other:• word choice: diction, connotation, denotation, etymology• sentence structure (syntax)• figurative language— metaphor, simile, analogy• rhyme, sound of words, rhythm of sentences• narration—whose point of view?• description• character details• dialogue• plot and structure• Themes•Images• References (to events, places, dates, mythical or literary figures, philosophical ideals, scientific concepts, cultural ideas, etc.)Step 4: Develop a list of points about the text that could work as a critical frame for your paragraphs. (See Sharp, Writing Critical Analysis Papers, for an explanation of critical framing) Look for two related points or ideas that could connect one paragraph to the next and choose two paragraph points. (You may be able to combine points.)Step 5: Gather evidence from the texts that would support these points. (You may want to draw on your “Evidence/Analysis” from Week 3 to gather and analyze evidence.)Step 6: Analyze the evidence in terms of the paragraphs’ main ideas. Be sure to move carefully through each piece of evidence, connecting each piece of evidence to your paragraph point or question.Step 7: Draft your paragraphs using the PEAR structure (see Sharp, Writing Critical Analysis Papers).
Requirements: 750 words | .doc file


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