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Student papers are worth up to 50 points. While the paper is a requirement, it is useful to think of it as an opportunity to either improve one’s grade or delve into a topic that interests you, or both. For decades, law enforcement has been utilized as first responders providing service to just about every dispatched call imaginable. Calls to service can range for shooting calls to domestic disputes to minor dog barking complaints. There is however a possible change on the horizon on how police now respond to calls pertaining to the mentally ill. As we have learned, one of the most vital elements of policing is being a peace keeper and preserving life and property. Your research paper will focus on the link between law enforcement and social workers and the agencies who utilize both as a modern and innovative ways of working with the mentally ill. Keep in mind many agencies have not adopted this method of resolve; why? What policies would you incorporate to secure a safer more efficient outcome on calls for service such as these. Ask yourself, if the call turns violent, how will law enforcement deal with the fallout of citizen workers being injured in the line of duty with no way of defending themselves? Requirements: a. The due date for the assignment is Sunday, November 15th. Ten percent of the total points possible on a paper will be subtracted for each day (including weekends) the assignment is late. Papers will gladly be accepted at any time before the due date. Papers will not be accepted via email. Research papers will be submitted through the appropriate assignment module that will be titled “research paper.” All papers will be reviewed through the academic integrity and plagiarism software “Turnitin.” b. The paper must be at least six complete pages in length, excluding the cover page and reference page. You are free to draw on the assigned or recommended readings, and additional texts of your choice. Use APA style for citing these sources, as well as for font and margin requirements. Credible Internet sources (peer reviewed journal references, published text books), are permissible. Utilizing the Universities e-library is a valued source for research material. c. Points will be deducted for errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Additionally, points will be deducted for awkwardness in your prose. Thus, be careful and make sure you turn in a clean and clearly written paper. d. Plagiarism, which includes paraphrasing another’s work and employing another to do your work, will not be tolerated. If you have any doubts about what constitutes plagiarism, consult with the instructor prior to turning in your paper. e. Students are strongly encouraged to utilize the services provided by the University Writing Center prior to submitting the assignment.


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