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I need help for this exam, the exam time is 9:30am EST , octorber 15th( which should be several hours later), and 60 minute exam, you should keep online that time.CONTENT: The exam will involve Models #1,2,3,4,5 (relating to Ch 2,3,4,5,10 of our textbook), and the homework questions, i will give you the textbookMODEL #1: What is goal of the model?
Solving the basic radioactive decay DE along with finding half-life
Age of solar system procedure (posted notes are incomplete, must revisit lecture video). All numbers will be given.
King Arthur example with carbon dating. Using rates of decay to date an artifact.
All HW problems.
MODEL #2:What is goal of the model?
Process of iteration to solve compound interest formula
Computing mortgage payments (EASY and HARD versions). What if I changed the interest interval and payment interval… can you redo that process?
Rule of 72. What is it? Apply it.
All HW problems.
MODEL #3:What is goal of the model?
What are Kepler’s 3 laws?
What is the law of gravity?
What does each of Kepler’s laws tell us that hints towards the law of gravity?
All HW problems
MODEL #4: What is the law of quarter powers?
What is the goal of model?
What are some assumptions of the model?
What are the two main principles? Explain?
What is a general recap of the process of proving?
All HW problems
MODEL #5: What is the goal of the model?
How is the model set up? What do parameters mean?
What are some assumptions?
What does success mean? What about high/low risk?
Finding equil solutions.
Stability of an equil solution of DE (how to find it). Don’t memorize conditions
Process for Avoiding couple.
All HW problems.


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