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I need an explanation for this Communications question to help me study.Answer two questions only. Answers for each question must not be less than four pages. In other words, minimum pages to write your answer for a question is four pages.I have attached 2 PPT related to question number 1 and 3, it will be helpful if you choose to answer them.Questions:1. Media relationsa. In the context of corporate communication, framing theory suggests that communication practitioners frame a particular corporate decision, issue or event in such a way that it furthers and promotes the interests of the organisation. Differentiate how corporate communication practitioners and journalists frame stories. (10 marks)b. Corporate communication practitioners use a wide range of tools and techniques to obtain news coverage and to monitor reporting on their organisationovertime. Discuss three tools/techniques. (20 marks) 2. After graduation from your Masters Program in Corporate Communication, you have been hired by EDELMAN, a world class Public Relations firm based in New York. The research department has assigned you a task to evaluate TWO publicly syndicated rankings of reputation research available in the market. Compare and contrast these research. The goal is to produce a new publicly syndicated reputation ranking which evaluates based on the latest ground of reputation understanding. The department has hired you to determine if the current rankings available in the market are relevant. To tackle this issue, you develop a research project to analyse all the current reputation research. Be sure to provide enough details for every aspect of the research in your comparison. (30 marks)3. Stakeholder relationsa. What are the main advantages for organisation when they adopt a stakeholder approach to their strategy and communication? (10 marks)b. In your view, should organisation engage in a dialogue with all of its stakeholders all of the time, or rather only with some of them or simply only on particular occasions such as specific issues or crises?(20 marks)4. Reflect upon the strategies of buffering, bridging, and advocacy around issues. Using examples of organisationsthat you know, when is one or other strategy more appropriate? What generally determines the feasibility of each of these options?(30 marks)
Requirements: 2500 words


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