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I don’t understand this Law question and need help to study.Do you believe that we are winning the war on terrorism online? Why or why not? Suggest one policy implication that you think should be put in place to target one area of national security and/or terrorism online and discuss how this policy would help to thwart terroristic activities online or better protect people in the online environment. Respond to this post (Gio): I believe that the question of whether or not we are winning the war on terrorism online is a general question that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no but rather can draw to specific areas of online terrorism where there have been an increase of recent victories. One primary example is that I do believe based upon my research that we are winning the war against terrorist propaganda online. In modern age terrorist groups have taken to the internet to spread ideology as a method of instilling fear or even with the goal of radicalizing new recruits and will use a variety of social media sources to spread such ideology. Social media companies such as facebook have reached a rate of 99% efficiency in being able to detect terror related content before it is even able to be reported by users of the platform or even life on the website. This is accomplished through the use of audio and video matching technology which allows for the detection of terror propaganda and provides the company with the ability to delete up to 83% of content copies within one hour alone. In addition to the use of automated technology to combat and detect the spread of terrorist ideology via the internet and social media, a further deterrent and perhaps more important is the knowledge of trained experts. Through the collaboration of cyber experts across various social media and technology platforms with the common goal of combating online terrorism, major platforms will be able to share insights and findings on recent trends in methodology used by terrorists online as well as findings on ways to combat them. Industries are also able to share databases of hashes uncovered from terrorist propaganda which can be used as fingerprints allowing companies to detect each attempt of potential terror related content. Bickert, Monika, Fishman, Brian (28 November, 2017) Hard Questions: Are We Winning the War On Terrorism Online? Retrieved: von Behr, Anaïs Reding, Charlie Edwards, Luke Gribbon (Accessed: 17 February, 2021) Radicalisation in the digital era. Retrieved: Requirements: 150 – 250   |   .doc file


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