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After you take this task, I will send you the whole case.REMINDERThis is an individual case and, as such, must demonstrate your knowledge of the appropriate course material and your ability to effectively communicate. It is not to be worked on as a “team” effort.THE MANDATEThis case takes place in August 1992 and your analysis, alternatives & recommendations must reflect the situation at that point in time. You are the new Brand/Product Manager for Toothbrushes for Colgate-Palmolive U.S. replacing Susan Steinberg who has left the company for another opportunity. Your business decision deck must be written from that perspective and your madate is to:Build the business case (qualitative & quantitative) to decide on whether or not Colgate should launch the Precision toothbrush and then present it to Colgate’s Chief Marketing Officer (your professor) in a business meeting format.This recommendation is to be done in two phases (Part A and Part B). The financial business case is to be based on the projections and forecasts for two years (1993 and 1994) using the information supplied in the case (1989 – 1991 actuals, 1992 estimates), your interpretation and analysis of the case information. Other than , and any external research that you believe is required to support the business case (this should be relatively minimal ). You should consider the information supplied for 1992 as actual numbers for the purpose of this case.** IMPORTANT **As you read the case, you may note that there are some forecasts provided for total market size, market share and unit sales of certain products. Just because there are forecast numbers mentioned in the case, it does not mean that they are the right forecasts or the forecasts that you should be using for your document.The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is looking for you to provide YOUR forecast based on YOUR analysis of the facts and situation in the case along with YOUR rationale for the forecasts that you have provided. You are the NEW Brand/Product Manager for Colgate-Palmolive and you have been asked to make take a fresh look at this opportunity and prepare & present YOUR business decision deck to Colgate’s CMO on the Colgate Precision Toothbrush opportunity using YOUR forecasts NOT Susan Steinberg’s.Part A – Market Demand & Product/Brand Market SharesHistorical size and performance of the toothbrush marketOverall market, category segments (value, professional & super-premium), brand & product performance, brand & product market shares, etc.
Must include analysis of the information and identification of insights and trends that are relevant to understanding the future direction of the toothbrush market and, specifically, the Precision Toothbrush opportunity and decision
Future size and performance of the toothbrush market in 1993 and 1994Must include your projections for:Total toothbrush market
All category segments (market share for value, professional & super-premium)
All brands and product lines (market share)
Projections must be provided for the base case (without the Colgate Precision toothbrush) and the innovation case (with the launch of the Colgate Precision toothbrush) for niche and mainstream approaches to the market.
Appropriate and complete rationale must be provided for all projections.
Select the most appropriate base (units or dollars or both if you are so inclined) for analyzing the market and market share based on the information available for you to analyze and how you will be using that information in Part II of the assignment.Provide a clear rationale for why you chose that base for your analysis.
Proposed “go to market” (pricing, product & channel) strategies of the Precision toothbrushIn the case document, references are made to a niche and mainstream positioning options.
This is the incorrect use of the term “positioning” as the differences between the “niche” and “mainstream” options are related to how the Precision toothbrush will be priced, how many sku’s (variants) will be offered, and what distribution channels it will be available in. In other words, there are two different scenarios on how to go to market with the new toothbrush.
You must provide a recommendation on which of the two approaches (“niche” or “mainstream”) should be taken. Please limit yourself to these two approaches.
Your recommendation must be supported by appropriate qualitative and quantitative rationale. Your qualitative analysis will take the form of a “criteria matrix” using an appropriate selection of close-ended criteria questions.
This requires you to project market share for the new product and potential impact on existing products, both Colgate’s current products AND all competitive products, under all the positioning alternatives that you have identified.
You should also look at contribution margin dollars, dollars per unit and % of sales, and only contribution margin for the Colgate Precision toothbrush under the two alternatives using case information, and your market size and market share projections.
The Business MeetingThe presentations will be done in a standard business meeting format.
Your role is to walk the Chief Marketing Officer (the professor) through your business decision deck.
The objective is to build credibility with the CMO in your analysis and resulting forecast in order to gain senior level endorsement for your recommendation.This is to be done using only the soft copy of your deck which MUST be identical to what you submitted through SafeAssign.
We will NOT look at your excel spreadsheet during the business meeting unless the CMO feels it is necessary.
The business decision deck should be designed to present all the necessary facts and analysis in a logical manner to support your recommendation and for the reader to understand your conclusions and make a decision on your recommendation – it needs to “tell the story” in a concise and clear manner but it must also be thorough and complete.Make your business proposition/recommendation “Too Logical Too Ignore”.
Remember that no business decision deck is complete without an Executive Summary. If you don’t know what an Executive Summary is and what it should look like, please ask the Professor.
All the necessary information must be included in your presentation deck and its appendices .Asking the CMO to look at your spreadsheet on-line or printing out and handing the CMO a copy of your excel spreadsheet or portions of your excel spreadsheet is not acceptable and hard copy hand-outs of your spreadsheets will not be accepted by the CMO.
If it isn’t in your business decision deck or its appendices, the CMO is not going to look at it!
Any excerpts from your spreadsheet included in your business decision deck must be formatted properly and presented so that it looks like it is an integrated part of your presentation.
There is no maximum or minimum number of slides required for this deck.
You will also need to be sufficiently familiar with the case details, your analysis, and business decision deck to have a business conversation with the CMO.
While you may bring your laptop to the meeting, it will not be used during the meeting unless the Professor directs you to do so.
Additional details about the case and the business meeting will be discussed in class.
GRADE ALLOCATIONPart A of this assignment represents 10.0% of your final grade in BMK711 – Brand Metrics I (market size & market share analysis, rationale & projections, contribution margin analysis) and 6.0% of your final grade in BMK710 – Brand Strategy I (situation analysis, qualitative analysis of the two “go to market” strategies”.Your grade will be provided at the end of your business meeting and will be determined based on the content and quality of your business decision deck, and the overall impression from our business meeting including your command of the case facts and situation.OTHER IMPORTANT DETAILSThe business decision deck must be designed to present all the necessary facts and analysis in a logical manner to support your recommendation – it needs to “tell the story” in a concise and clear manner but it must also be thorough and complete.You are free to flow the content in your deck in whatever way best communicates the “story” you want to tell.
The allocation of space for each of the required areas is up to you as long as the assignment requirements are appropriately covered.
Your deck must, however, have a logical flow which tells a “story” and reflects the deck writing techniques and skills that are taught in Presenting Complex Material, Strategic Storytelling or in class.There should only be one and only one excel workbook submitted for Part I of the assignment which should contain all your supporting information (e.g. market size, segment/brand/product market shares, etc.).
The excel workbook can and should have multiple spreadsheet tabs and it should also include the spreadsheet information provided when you bought the case.
Your soft copy and hard copy submissions must be absolutely identical; if that is not the case, a grade of “0” will be given for the assignment.Detailed submission instructions and requirements, and submission deadlines are outlined in the “Case Assignments – Overview and Instructions” document that has already been posted on blackboard.As a reminder, your overall grade on the case can be adjusted +/- 10% of the total marks available for the case by the professor to reflect the quality and quantity of your participation in our class discussions.The overall quality, flow, consistency & professionalism of your submission must meet an appropriate standard for a business deck in the “real world”. Marks, up to 25% of the total grade for this assignment can be deducted if the following expectations are not met or if too much irrelevant content is included.


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