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A character’s downfall is the result of a combination of weakness and circumstance. Analyze the extent to which this statement is true with reference to a work studied in this course.
Example(Please choose a different point):In William Shakespeare’s King Lear, there are several characters who’s downfalls are a direct result of there weakness and circumstance Both Gloucester and King Lear are blind, this blindness is their weakness. At the same time Gloucester and Lear are both burdened with the circumstance of having an evil child or children. For Gloucester it is his inability to see Edmund’s schemes and the circumstance of Edmund wanting Gloucester’s title of Earl of Gloucester that lead to Gloucester’s downfall, while Lear cannot see he has made poor desissions in giving up his power to his daughter’s who are, in circumstance, evil. A combination of weakness and circumstance lead to King Lear and the Earl of Gloucester’s downfalls.
In many literature a character’s tragic downfall is always determined by many reasons such as his or her innate shortcoming, by people’s betrayal, and also by the supernature power. In Shakespeare’s King Lear, the main character the king of Braintain does go to a sorrowful ending because of both his weakness and circumstance. His weakness of vanity and blindness give his two evil daughters the chance to get what they want, and in the later part of the play, his two daughters, can be thought as circumstance, drive him off and murder him which absolutely lead to his tragic downfall.
In King Lear, Shakespeare studies how treacherour behaviour is a part of human nature. Through the use of characters such as Regan, Goneril and Edmund Shakespeare shows how willing a character is to betray someone they love in their lust for power. It is also evident that the theme of King Lear, when people lust for power they are able to betray the ones closes to them and change themselves for the worse, is very much developed by the same three characters previously mentioned. In short, when people have a lust for power they are easily able to grow in a negative way and they therefore help develop the theme of the play.
In many of Shakespeare’s plays relationships are very reoccurring. They help the central character realize the good or bad that they have done and give the central character an ultimate understanding of himself. In Shakespeare’s King Lear, Lear’s ultimate understanding of himself is due to his relationship with other characters he meets. In particular, his own daughters and Poor Tom; these two characters provide Lear with many unons of good and bad, teaching him that one must experience hardship to appreciate others’ difficulties.


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