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1.   When were cane toads introduced to Australia?     Cane toads were introduced into north-eastern Australia around 1935.2.   Why were cane toads introduced to Australia?            Cane toads were introduced to Australia to control the cane grub.3.   Where are the cane toads native? The cane toad native is originally from South America and was introduced to Hawaii.4.   Briefly describe the reproductive life-cycle of cane toads.They start as eggs, hatch as tadpoles, develop into juveniles known as metamorphs, grow and mature into an adult. Cane toad may take up to 2 years to reach maturity. Cane toads cannot climb and hold vertical surfaces very well in comparison to frogs.5.   What is it about the life-cycle that makes cane toad populations successful?6.   Did they do “their job”? Why or why not?7.   Are cane toad populations expanding exponentially or logistically in Australia?8.   Are there natural predators of cane toad tadpoles in Australia? 9.   Are the adult cane toads habitat-specific? Yes, the adult cane toads are habitat-specific.10. Are cane toads palatable? Why or why not?11. What are some of the ways that humans appreciate or use cane toads?12. 13. How might conservation biologists control cane toad populations? Biologists says that resting toads has been meta physical as apparatus that remove them will often wipe out frogs. Toads in Queensland that lagged lost the invasion arch and hang they were infected mutually a lungworm virus which slows full adults and, in empirical tests, kills completely 30% of baby toads. 14. What are the ramifications (pros and cons) of introducing a natural predator of cane toads?


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